Hello World

One of the most retarded conventions in the programming world, is that every time you start learning a new programming language, the first thing you do is write a simple two-word string output program called “Hello World!”. That’s why the title of my first post is “Hello World” …..  because i follow retarded conventions!

But where are my manners? Introduction First!

So I’m a 22 year old boy / man, who is just finishing his Bachelor degree in CS and lives in a  3rd world country, trying to find his own place in this harsh world. (actually many people will argue about whether or not Bulgaria is a 3rd world country, but in my opinion  – yes it is.)

Tired of crimes, mugs, thugs, idiots, whores, dirt and lack of hope for this country, I’m quietly dreaming of the North American life and seriously thinking about leaving this God forsaken place forever …. i just hate everything here except my family.  How can you love something , which hates you? I’m gonna write in one of my next posts about my country and it’s actual problems but for now, lets just leave it there.

I sincerely hope that I’ll be able to provide interesting thoughts to you guys.

Take Care!

P.S. Your award for reading my first post is a joke!

A man was walking down the streets of Washington DC one night. All of a sudden a mugger sticks a gun in his ribs and says. Give me all your money.

He replied, “Do you realize I am an important member of congress?” The robber said, “In that case give me all my money!”

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